The House in Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence (Spoiler Review)

requiem for innocence

The English localization of the fandisk for the visual novel that stole my heart officially released on May 17, 2018. And boy, I couldn’t hold myself back from binging it after the 2 year wait.

A Requiem for Innocence is a must for any Fata Morgana fan out of there. You can buy it from MangaGamer here or on Steam here. 

This is a SPOILER review for both the main game and Requiem itself. I also highly recommend that the main game be played before even touching Requiem in order to get all the references and true feel of the story.

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Collar x Malice – Overall Thoughts (Spoiler)

Collar x MaliceWow it took me forever, but I’m finally done CxM! I honestly don’t know why it took me this long, but I think I’ve been having the attention of a goldfish lately and have been jumping between visual novels mid-game as of late ;;; BUT I’ve stopped doing that now, so I should be back on track! Anyways, here’s a quick post on my thoughts of the game and its characters~

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WILL: A Wonderful World – Review (Non-Spoiler)

There was an urban legend…
Write your troubles down on a note. Hold it in your hand at midnight and pray. “God, please help me…” Then god will hear your plea and change your fate. It was only a legend though. It wasn’t even popular for very long…

Disclaimer: I was provided a review copy by Sekai Project (thank you!), but this will not influence my review and will be completely unbiased.

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The House in Fata Morgana: Mini Games – April Fool’s 2015

cover - april foolsThe whole main cast finds themselves together again in an unknown place. Upon eating delicious carrot cake conveniently placed in front of them, they end up switching bodies and hijinks ensues for this April Fool’s mini-game~

Note! Even though these are joke mini-games, they WILL contain SPOILERS for Fata Morgana, so do NOT read this post if you haven’t played the main game.

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The House in Fata Morgana: Mini Games – Popularity Poll #1

Popularity Contest 1Morgana tells the audience to consider this game like a backstage of sorts. Michel, Morgana and Jacopo go around to all the characters that placed in the top 10 and backstage-like banters take place (okay mostly poking fun at Jacopo). Summary and paraphrased quotes below!

Note! Even though these are joke mini-games, they WILL contain SPOILERS for Fata Morgana, so do NOT read this post if you haven’t played the main game.

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Shinigami to Shoujo (Spoiler Thoughts)


Well this game was a long ride! Considering my disappointment with BWS (a favourite in the otome fandom), I was hesitant in setting my expectations too high with StS (another acclaimed otoge). And what a pleasant surprise.

I’ll be going over very brief summaries of each chapter (well more like highlight my fave key moments). I’ve also included translated lines/scenes I found most memorable (pls correct me if I made a mistake oops). Sprinkled in between, I’ll discuss some of my thoughts/interpretations, as well as questions because I need clarification lol. To be honest, I’m not really sure what this post can be called, but you could say it’s a mix of the above?

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