The House in Fata Morgana: Mini Games – April Fool’s 2015

cover - april foolsThe whole main cast finds themselves together again in an unknown place. Upon eating delicious carrot cake conveniently placed in front of them, they end up switching bodies and hijinks ensues for this April Fool’s mini-game~

Note! Even though these are joke mini-games, they WILL contain SPOILERS for Fata Morgana, so do NOT read this post if you haven’t played the main game.

Usual disclaimer on taking the below summary with a grain of salt – pls let me know if I made any mistakes. Now then, let’s see how this lovable cast handles their predicament~

  • Jacopo wonders why he has to see everyone’s faces again and wants to return back to reality. When Morgana appears, he takes it back and says he wants to stay.
  • Nellie comments on how it’s like an alumni’s reunion.
  • There’s carrot cake and tea on the table. Jacopo thinks it’s a trick and that it might be poisoned, while Michel says he doesn’t like carrots. Then Ugly Speckles pops out. When his name is introduced by Michel (who thinks it’s cute), Mell advises Giselle that if they ever have two kids, Giselle should be the one to name them.
  • Giselle waves it off in embarrassment saying it’s still too early to think of children.
  • Michel wonders whether he should think Giselle’s response was cute or if he should be offended about being called out on his (poor) naming sense
  • Jacopo thinks he’s so clever, saying that they should use the cat to poison-test the food. Michel is completely against the animal cruelty.
  • Jacopo just replies that it’s just as cruel to give the cat a name like Ugly Speckles.
  • Meanwhile Ugly Speckles eats the cake with no problems, so it’s not poison.
  • Giselle confidently says she can serve anyone since she has a 1000 years of experience as a maid, with Morgana saying she shouldn’t be proud of that
  • When they go to eat, everyone’s surprised by how good it is:


  • Pauline’s like it’s so good, she feels like she’s experiencing euphoria and faints. Mell and Jacopo faint soon after. Morgana can’t believe that it’s so good, that it incurs fainting (it’s on a level of “poison” of its own!).
  • Then Yukimasa starts screeching that he’s a beautiful girl and how he’s going to sue for sexual harassment.
  • Nellie wonders if it’s the end of the world to hear those words come out of Yukimasa
    • Turns out Nellie is in in Yukimasa’s body
    • Mell is in Pauline’s body
    • Jacopo and Maria switched bodies
    • Morgana is in Giselle’s body
    • Giselle is in Mell’s body
    • Pauline is in Morgana’s body
    • Michel is the only one who hasn’t switched bodies with anyone.
  • Since there’s not enough cake, Giselle (in Mell’s body) plans that they make more cake and try to return to each other’s bodies. Giselle finds out that there were parsnips in the cake – something that Michel dislikes.
  • Jacopo thinks that even though it’s a different person inside, it wouldn’t be so bad to eat Morgana’s homemade cooking.
  • Nellie (in Yukimasa’s body) says she’s going to take a bath bc the guy reeks. After all, Nellie always showers in the morning and bathes at night with rose aroma oil.
  • Pauline (in Morgana’s body) wants to take a bath with Morgana (in Giselle’s body) bc of her large breasts. When the latter begrudgingly gives in, Pauline tells Michel to enter the bath with her too. LOL WHAT.
  • Morgana says it’s because on the outside, Giselle is still his lover. Michel is like woah okay o_O!! Giselle (in Mell’s body) strongly objects!!! She says that should come along as Mell too then!

Michel’s still the winner of best expressions

  • Michel is at a loss. Nellie is shook bc this is a dazzling brother x brother scenario XD
  • Maria (in Jacopo’s body) tells Morgana (in Giselle’s body) to sleep with her since it’s been a long time since they did that. Morgana is hesitant…
  • Jacopo (in Maria’s body) is HELLA JEALOUS OF HIS OWN BODY HAHAHAHA
  • Everyone sleeps in their respective pairs, with the exception of Jacopo (in Maria’s body) who slept on the sofa
  • The next morning, they discover Yukimasa (in Nellie’s body) is missing. They find him on the stairs dead. Nellie (in Yukimasa’s body) dies from shock.
  • When they think the person who killed Yukimasa is the same mastermind behind the carrot cake thing, Giselle is eventually accused.
  • Michel tells Giselle she doesn’t have to make anymore excuses, bc he’s the one who made the first carrot cake.
  • Turns out it’s the WHG inside Michel’s body right now, which Giselle found out during that night when they were sleeping.
  • WHG reveals that when she was disappearing from the world, she had a regret. She wanted to have a cup of tea with everyone.
  • But it was strange since parsnips were what appeared in front of her. But she ended up making carrot cake and when she tried out it out before everyone came, she fainted. Michel is actually in Ugly Speckles the cat’s body
  • WHG makes the carrot cake again, everyone faints from the delicious taste.
    • Giselle wakes in Michel’s body, but she’s rather happy about that
    • WHG is in Jacopo’s body now. As expected, it was another random switch
    • Jacopo is in Morgana’s body, who also wants to spend more time this turn
    • Pauline is in Maria’s body. Maria is in Mell’s body. Mell is in Ugly Speckle’s body.
  • The person who enters Giselle’s body is ecstatic to finally be released from the cat’s body. And is also super happy abut Giselle’s breasts. It’s not Michel, it’s actually Georges! Georges can’t wait to take a bath in Giselle’s body. Jacopo in Morgana’s body wants to accompany in that bath for similar reasons (omg)
  • The screen switches, and we’re welcomed to Michel Nellie and Yukimasa. Apparently to get out of that world you need to die to come back.
  • Michel tells the two to not laugh and reveals that when he ate the cake, he actually died from choking on the cake LOL. The other two snicker. Michel yells that it can’t be helped – vegetables traumatize him and make him choke.
  • As for Yukimasa, he had to go to the washroom in the middle of the night. But his sense of equilibrium was off due to being in a smaller body, so he fell down the stairs. They all wonder when the rest will realize the way to escape that world and resignedly wait.
  • The other guys who are still stuck in the other world continue freaking out. WHG exclaims the third batch of carrot cake is ready–


The End~

BTW, the website for this April Fool’s game contains a map for the “vegetable shop”, which links to the doorway to hell (which is the Darvaza Gas Crater) LOL it makes sense since Aimee’s the owner after all

april fools

Note: These mini-games are freeware and can be obtained from Novectacle’s site here:


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