The House in Fata Morgana: Mini Games – Popularity Poll #1

Popularity Contest 1Morgana tells the audience to consider this game like a backstage of sorts. Michel, Morgana and Jacopo go around to all the characters that placed in the top 10 and backstage-like banters take place (okay mostly poking fun at Jacopo). Summary and paraphrased quotes below!

Note! Even though these are joke mini-games, they WILL contain SPOILERS for Fata Morgana, so do NOT read this post if you haven’t played the main game.

  • As usual, please take this post with a grain of salt! Anyways, let’s begin~
  • Since Michel and Morgana won the popularity poll with 1st and 2nd place, they get to be on the cover of the soundtrack jackets. When Morgana goes to Michel, she’s confused as to why Michel doesn’t have a happier face on considering he won the entire poll (yayyy Michel’s my favourite too)


  • Turns out, Jacopo is in an uproar because he was third place, but was only like 6 votes behind. Since their scores were really close, he says he should have been on the jacket as well. At the very least, he wants to tag along with the others. After all, it’s the user’s wish! The User! The other two take note how Jacopo repeated himself, but eventually give in. Jacopo’s all happy and haughty. But once Morgana tells him that this doesn’t mean she’s forgiven him, his face drops
  • Jacopo starts expressing sincere gratitude at being allowed to go with them when… – Morgana interrupts him saying they should hurry to the person who placed 10th
  • Michel silently thinks that she didn’t let poor Jacopo finish. Anyways Michel inquires about the people who are in 11th place and below. Morgana says they were cut off, and Jacopo follows up with how it’s survival of the fittest. Michel internally worries if Giselle placed high enough, but reassures himself that she should have considering it’s her (aww)
  • Jacopo freaks out, Michel has to soothe the dummy. Once Jacopo is calmed down in another room (I couldn’t understand this part very well, I think it was still about the cover jacket??), they rejoin with Morgana. Morgana tells Jacopo that she doesn’t want to walk beside him and instead says “Let’s go” to Michel.
  • The trio meet Nellie, who placed 10th in the poll. As per usual, Jacopo freaks out trying to argue with Michel. Morgana murmurs that it’s loud and tells Jacopo to be quiet and calls him a tsundere idiot. Jacopo is upset that he was the only one told to be quiet. Morgana just corrects herself saying Tsundere Bastard, hurting Jacopo’s feelings (LOOOOL). Meanwhile, Michel thinks to himself that now that the main story is over, Jacopo’s heading towards a pathetic direction.
  • Nellie’s comments are that she’s cute. Nellie says something creepy about the WHG wig thing, and Jacopo notes that looks are deceiving. Randomly, Michel advertises the game saying “Wow it’s on sale on amazon in 2013. Wow what a good deal”. Jacopo shouts that Michel’s product placement is too obvious, but it’s also pointless to advertise to players who already cleared the main game. They get all meta, with Nellie saying she’d need 200 save slots for Mell’s face/appearances.
  • According to Morgana, Michel is acting a bit out of character by being humorous (nah girl, he’s always been an adorable dork I mean-). Michel admits he’s tired of always being serious.
  • Discussion leads to how the writer might have a lolita complex if his favourite character is Nellie…. which veers off into Michel glancing at Jacopo… Jacopo freaks out (referencing his feelings for Morgana haha)


  • Then they go see Georges. But since Georges doesn’t have a sprite, Morgana reverts the game to portrait mode. And Michel isn’t happy (understandably)
  • Michel’s upset he’s reverted to his female childhood self, but Georges reassures him that it makes him nostalgic and it’s just a passing boyhood. Michel holds onto that word, “Boyhood?” Georges kindly nods, saying that he can see it now. And that the ridges and outline of Michel’s nose is that of a boy’s (aww)
  • THEN Jacopo interrupts this heartwarming moment, asking why Michel’s wearing girl clothes. Georges comes to the rescue saying that it’s because he used Michel as a model for his paintings. Jacopo is satisfied with that and concludes that Michel’s older brother was a pervert who made Michel dress up as a woman. Georges enthusiastically nods saying that artists *are* perverts.
  • They reminiscence about ugly speckles the cat. And also about a time when Michel was 10 years old, and Georges was able to get Michel to go on an outing with him to town, but they got separated (bc Georges followed after a beautiful girl).
  • Then they talk about a comment about Georges smiling til the end and the afterlife. And then I got this ominous feeling when Georges returned Michel’s “See you again” with a “See you again Michel….” (Did Georges never re-incarnate in the end??) But Michel believes in miracles and that he WILL see Georges again. Morgana and Jacopo actually agree (for once) saying Michel has a brocon.
  • They then meet Mell (8th place). Michel announces this with indifference, “Now everyone, please clap” and everyone’s unenthusiastic. Mell’s offended.
  • They talk about Seventh Court, Mell’s surprised that Michel had a friend at all, named Imeon. Morgana shows us his top secret original sketch of him
  • Mell pokes fun at Jacopo for being a Neet in Seventh Court, with Jacopo screaming at him to not laugh in parentheses LOL. Then it went on to a point with Jacopo saying he’s not crazy, but Morgana retorts with how he has a weird thing with imprisonment. He slowly chokes out that it wasn’t his intention.
  • THEN, it’s time to meet Yukimasa. Morgana is reluctant to see the Beast and Jacopo haughtily implies that he’s there for her. Morgana tells Michel to shield her as always. Jacopo is outraged that she’s relying on Michel instead.
  • They end up seeing both Yukimasa and Pauline (6th and 7th places respectively). Everyone’s weirded out at Yukimasa being all nice. When confronted, Yukimasa says he’s working hard. When Pauline says that’s why she fell in love with him or something, the other three react like this:


  • When reading out Pauline’s popularity poll comments saying they love Pauline, want to be her sister, etc. Michel asks Yukimasa if he’s jealous, but Yukimasa questions on why he should be. Michel and Jacopo internally wonder whether Pauline’s unrequited love disguised as a mutual love is truly okay with her…
  • Then there’s a user’s comment about how they wished they could have seen Pauline living together with Javi (though it’s understandable considering the nature of the story). Pauline says she also wished the same, that he’s a very good child, and like a younger brother. Morgana says she thinks he was in love with her (AW JAVIIIII)… which Pauline immediately laughs off considering he’s 8 or 9 years younger than her. Michel internally sympathizes with poor Javi (ME TOO)
  • Another comment was wanting to see Pauline’s hair under her nun’s hood. She says it’s dark brown, but she always wished for black hair (which she got in Door 2). When asked if she can take off her hood, she replies that she can only do so in front of Yukimasa.
  • There’s another comment about Pauline’s large uhh… breasts. Pauline asks if she can sue poor Michel for sexual harassment for reading that comment. Jacopo internally observes that they are rather large and that in comparison, Morgana’s breasts are like a cutting board. And that while size isn’t everything, it’d still be ideal to fit it in the palm… OMG JACOPO PLS STAHP


  • When angrily asked by Morgana on what he’s thinking, Jacopo smugly retorts that he’s thinking about the recent political situation. And returns with a question of his own on whether she’s interested in his thoughts. THIS MAN
  • Morgana promptly denies it. She’s quiet for a second and then asks Michel if size isn’t everything. Michel’s confused and asks why she’s asking HIM!? On the side, Jacopo is furious that she’s asking him
  • Yukimasa’s turn – Some of the comments are like they want to be stepped on by him/bitten??/etc. Yukimasa just wants to ask if these people are okay… Jacopo remarks that Yukimasa’s liked by those who have dangerous preferences, it’s to be expected.
    • After a rather long silence, Yukimasa asks if the interests of both parties are mutual, is it still a sin/crime to kill them? Michel freaks out that it is!!! Yukimasa is dejected and says “I see”.
    • Morgana says she thought he had promised to restrain himself. Yukimasa agrees and that he said it in jest. Michel internally yells that that’s a lie!


  • When Pauline says that clothes aren’t everything and that it’s more important that the man himself shines. Morgana promptly rejects that theory since none of the guys correspond to that and the above picture surmises their reaction perfectly


  • Then they go see WHG and the Maid. Michel is excited to see Giselle, but then is upset because this is old Maid!Giselle and that he wants Giselle to face him.
  • Maid!Giselle and WHG resume their conversation about soothing tea leaves and Michel keeps yelling that this isn’t the time for a tea break (is this dork jealous ha) Morgana tells him that their voices won’t reach them because they are bystanders in this era.
  • Meanwhile, Jacopo can’t believe that the times he was in the washroom and when he was worried over his wife during the night might have been seen too. Michel’s like “Well I saw the letters and stuff“. An enraged Jacopo calls Michel a pervert (for invasion of privacy) and that he’s going to kill him.
  • WHG says she got a letter about the popularity vote. Maid!Giselle got 5th place. One comment is that she has a nice maid figure and a wonderful smile. Morgana is suspicious that Michel’s the one who wrote this comment. Michel denies it, but internally agrees with the comment.
  • The next comment is someone crazily wanting to touch her breasts. Maid!Giselle tells WHG that sure she can touch them and that if it’s for WHG, she can devote her whole body because she’s been waiting forever for her. At this point, Michel is screaming for Giselle to come to her senses and that the person she’s looking for isn’t WHG!!! He wants to stop this madness (LMAOO)
  • Jacopo just calmly comments how Michel’s lover is approaching another woman. He also calls Michel’s jealousy unsightly. Michel angrily snaps that he doesn’t want to be told that by Jacopo of all people.


  • Then Maid!Giselle reads WHG’s comments as she got 4th place. WHG responds to them in her usual sacrificial and exemplary manner. Morgana says that behaviour’s the opposite of her, but Jacopo tells her that they’re kinda similar. Because after all, she was sacrificial when she was a kid. Morgana cuts him off to not talk about the old days and Jacopo goes silent ;_;
  • Michel asks Jacopo what he’d do if WHG appeared in front of him, Jacopo says that well he was attracted to WHG because he saw Morgana’s shadow within her. Morgana and WHG can’t exist simultaneously, but it’s obvious who his heart would lean towards… “So that’s why Morgana, I…
  • Morgana cuts him off and says that’s rude towards WHG and that even if he says such a thing, she’s not happy.


  • The main 3 return and Michel’s mopey about Giselle. He quickly announces how they’re the first 3 places and that he’s going back to Giselle. Morgana and Jacopo actually agree on something for once and tell Michel to come back.
  • Michel relents and says Jacopo got 3rd place. Morgana tells Jacopo that she never thought he’d be popular. Turns out, Jacopo got the most comments, giving more fire to his pride. Jacopo feels that he’s the “true” first place then.
  • A lot of the comments are about Jacopo being a tsundere + hetare (good for nothing), that he should learn to communicate, move away from paranoia, etc.
  • Jacopo’s upset that he didn’t get any comments of praise. Michel says there’s another comment that even though he’s a bad guy, they feel sympathetic towards him. Morgana snaps that it’s strange they could sympathize with a guy like him who confines people. Jacopo replies that he knows already (well at least he’s self-aware)
  • When asked what Morgana means to him, Michel replies she’s like a friend, family member, but all in all, an important person. Morgana’s happy and that she hopes she’s a special existence to him.


  • Then Michel makes Jacopo read Morgana’s 2nd place comments.
  • Jacopo starts off by saying one of the comments read that they want her to be with Jacopo as first and 2nd place and for a short story. And that she can have a happy life with Jacopo in the modern world.
  • When there’s a creepy pervert comment for Morgana, Jacopo wants to throw the ballot into the fireplace.
  • Since Jacopo is choosing comments like this, Michel reads others. One of which says Morgana’s really cute and they love her, etc. Jacopo internally swears at Michel because there’s no way he could have read those things himself.


  • Then Morgana reads Michel’s 1st place comments. All of which I agree with (MICHEL IS LOVE OKAY). Then the comments were about Michel’s hair and Michel says that he was thinking of cutting it. When Morgana questions how his hair was still long in the final scene, Michel quietly responds that it would make it easier for Giselle to notice him (MY OTP SO SWEET SO PURE SO-)
  • The three conclude the mini-game and popularity poll, and say goodbye. The screen fades to black and then comes back. Michel says he’s not used to being a moderator by himself and that next time, he’d like to ask Giselle.
  • Jacopo calls Morgana aside and asks if there’s really no hope for the two of them. Morgana tells him to not misunderstand and instead that she likes Michel in a way as a close and divine friend. Jacopo freaks out like no tomorrow saying that he’s going to pull out all of Michel’s hair and put it into the fireplace, and kill him. Michel yells at him to not come closer!

The End~

Final Thoughts

  • It was great seeing Michel had won this poll overall (MOST PRECIOUS SOUL EVER OK). This whole thing made me miss these characters and their banters, and was wholly reminiscent to the backstage from the main game. This minigame mainly revolved around making poor Jacopo suffer haha. And again, as much as I love the guy, I also love seeing him fall flat on his face (I’M SORRY JACOPO. But I also know I’m gonna eat those words once I play Requiem for Innocence ;;)
  • Like Michel, I wish that we saw Current!Giselle more in this (and see her interact with Michel again too). She’s my personal favourite girl in the game, so I certainly missed her here. Jacopo got a lot of teasing, but I also want some more Michel teasing too XD
  • Other than that, this was super cute. I think it’d be neat if Novectacle did another popularity poll for the English side, but I doubt it. Either way, I will definitely play the 2nd popularity poll minigame after Requiem’s release 🙂

Note: These mini-games are freeware and can be obtained from Novectacle’s site here:


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