The House in Fata Morgana: Mini Games – Oyashiki Vacation 1 & 2

opNote! Even though these are joke mini-games, they WILL contain SPOILERS for Fata Morgana, so do NOT read this post if you haven’t played the main game. Summary and paraphrased quotes for both mini-games below~

Oyashiki Vacation 1!

Basic summary: Michel goes into Door 1 Mell’s body and hijinks ensues. Detailed summary below~ 

  • FYI: I wasn’t able to understand everything because these mini-games haven’t been translated. BUT I’m still in fatamoru withdrawal… one year later coughs. I had to play these cute mini games to appease my wait for requiem haha. So please take this post with a grain of salt~


  • So the game starts off with Michel and Giselle eating together. Giselle taunts Michel for being a shut-in despite it being summer vacation. Then Giselle further makes fun of him for being a virgin, making the poor guy upset. To cheer him up, she says she has a present – an experience tour!
  • Giselle tells Michel to close his eyes and that she prepared a wand for her magic. And Michel’s like HELL NO, IT’S FOR MURDER. She does her “spell” and hits him with the bottle.
  • When Michel comes to, he’s greeted with Nellie waking him up. It turns out Giselle put Michel’s soul in Mell’s body. Michel’s like I’M NOT YOUR BROTHER to Nellie, making her cry. Michel doesn’t like Mell nor wants to be him. Giselle’s like “Ok, you can be called Meshel“, combining their names… which irritates Michel.
  • When Michel runs after a crying Nellie, Giselle innocently narrates the story in the background as per usual. He finds Door 1!Giselle and asks her to take him back to the original chapter. D1!Giselle thinks he’s lost his mind: “Did you hit your head?“. Angry Michel’s like YA I DID, YOU hit me with a wine bottle and grabs her collar.
  • D1!Giselle screams that Mell’s assaulting her. Michel shouts, “You can’t fool me!” Then Nellie comes across the scene and is devastated that her prince is such a bad man to raise his hand at a maid. Poor Michel is like “Wait.. that’s not it… you got it all wrong…” Meanwhile, Mell and Giselle are eating dinner in the present, with Mell calmly adapting to the situation.


  • Michel wakes up in the darkness and Giselle explains that the story must proceed. Just like the original game, WHG comes to kill Mell and Michel relents by reciting Mell’s lines with Giselle narrating. But Giselle still refers to him as Meschel, much to Michel’s grimace.
  • After WHG says her thing, Michel’s finally like “Okay, you have suffered a long time in this unkind world” and this overly dramatic Japanese music plays. Then he says stuff about how it’s not worth living, and that strangling his neck would be too troublesome. It may be better to cut his wrists or take poison. But these methods lack certainty. Then he goes on about all these different ways to murder effectively.
  • Paraphrasing the next exchange below (but lol it was pretty much like this):

WHG: I don’t wanna kill you anymore
Michel: What’s with your contradictions woman??
WHG says it’s because of his kind smiles and his gentleness
Michel: Uh…. I have not smiled even once…
WHG: Please… forget about me…
Michel: Okay /shrugs

  • Then it turns black, and Giselle’s saying he’s troubling her by changing the scripts. She’s working so hard and yet… Michel retorts that he has trouble seeing that
  • Giselle reassures him saying that he still has a chance to graduate from virginity. So they should move on. Michel screams a huge NOOOOO
  • Then he’s whisked to the theater scene. WHG is uncomfortable thinking that her appearance looks strange and Michel’s like “Yeah I agree“. Giselle admonishes him because that’s not how you treat a woman, so he comforts WHG awkwardly
  • Michel internally reflects how he was never able to enjoy social activities like this, “the theater huh…(damn it, this is supposed to be a gag game… don’t hit me with the feels)
  • When Nellie arrives to the scene, Michel murmurs “Oh yes, there was such a development to this story“. Nellie and WHG argue, with Giselle calling him a perverted lolicon. Michel’s so done with all this LOL. He finally bursts out that “This whole thing is annoying and to leave him alone!” Rock and roll music plays in the background HAHA
  • Feeling a sort of high, he tells Nellie that it is good to be apart from one’s brothers in moderation. After all, he’s been away from his two older brothers without any news for 10 years. He then turns to WHG and tells her that she needs to stop being so passive and sacrificial, she needs to be brave! He says he’s going back to his room, close all the windows to make it dark and that no one should enter the room! And he stomps off, leaving the two girls stupefied.
  • Michel wants to go back to the original story, but Giselle furthers the story along to the creepy scene from Door 1 in the original game.
  • Michel runs away from crazy Nellie during the creepy hair scene and is out of breath. When Giselle asks him if he’s okay, Michel responds that it’s been a while since he’s run so much. Giselle admonishes him for his lack of exercise. When he asks why she didn’t help him escape earlier. Giselle remarks that he’s given up both the WHG route & younger sister route LOL
  • Giselle goes back to her narrator monologue saying that since Meschel went outside in his night clothes, he must be cold. Michel is glad she noticed… until she asks him if he wants her to nurse him. To which, Michel promptly declines.
  • Michel meets WHG outside the church doors. To make her feel better, he says that he can make a wig out of his hair since it’s long. And she’s like ??? (bc he looks like short-haired Mell). Corny sad music plays and Michel tells her that even if her head is shaven, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a lady. She doubts him and starts to think he likes the monk look?? (IDK I didn’t understand this part very well). WHG can’t believe she liked someone like him and runs off.
  • Michel is just so tired of all this, and they finally go back to their own era
  • Michel wakes up in a daze, drenched in sweat from the nightmare. But then Giselle’s like, well next we’re doing door 2! And Michel screams in horror.


 The End~

Oyashiki Vacation 2!

  • The sequel starts off with Giselle and Morgana sitting together. Giselle talks about how skinny Morgana is cause she’s all bones (in the literal sense) and has to eat for nutrition. Morgana retorts that she doesn’t need to eat to survive
  • Gisells says she’s jealous since all her nutrients went to her OPPAI (omg). But there is a limit. Then she talks about milk… Morgana freaks out (I-I have no words lmao).


  • Anyways, Morgana says she’s busy every day wishing her eternal curse on those three fools. According to Giselle, it’s too lonely for a 16 yr old girl to be muttering curses every day… youth is important! Morgana’s like “I’m older though..
  • Giselle pushes Morgana to stop being a hikki and to have a fun escape tour. Giselle uses her special secret “powers” and tickles Morgana (instead of hitting her with a bottle like she did with Michel LOL)
  • Morgana goes into the White Haired Girl’s body in Doors 1, 2 and 3.

Door 1

  • Morgana (in WHG’s body) is hella mad at Mell when she arrives. She yells at Mell that not only did he take her arm, he’s also putting her to slavery upon discovering that she’s wearing maid outfit and carrying brooms. She then realizes the situation about the body switch. So she goes to find Giselle.. but again, this is Door 1!Maid!Giselle, who is happy thinking that WHG has regained her “memories”. With joy, Maid!Giselle shouts out she loves her and then the R18 Stop Sign appears on the scream with Morgana screaming LMAO.


  • WHG!Morgana runs away with her purity intact, but she *was* groped by Maid!Giselle. She goes to that library and comes across the diary complaining about crops and dismisses it as boring. Bu then comes across one page that is different from the rest, describing his first love ;_; (damn it with the feels again)
  • Meanwhile, Mell’s upset that WHG!Morgana is not as ladylike as his first impression. Nellie internally rejoices that she won’t lose her prince.
  • Nellie decides for the 3 girls to have a tea party and Morgana thinks to herself that she must protect her purity (after Giselles’ creepy fufufufu).
  • Nellie tries to find out more about WHG!Morgana, saying she’s never seen her in social circles. Morgana plainly replies it’s because she came from the Kingdom of God. And that her father is God Almighty. Nellie thinks there’s something wrong with the woman. On the other hand, Past!Maid!Giselle believes it because WHG is the miracle she’s been waiting for.
  • Current!Maid!Giselle from the background tells Morgana she won’t let her leave until she’s made 100 friends… making Morgana threaten her with an eternal curse
  • For a change of pace, Mell and Nellie bring an upset Morgana to the theater (who was led to believe they were going to church)
  • Instead of Romeo and Juliet, they watch a comedy. WHG!Morgana is a wet blanket calling it vulgar despite Nellie enjoying it, “If you have the time to laugh, you should use that time for more prayers to God”. Meanwhile, Mell had fallen asleep. The two girls plot to draw a mustache on Mell.
  • They become friends (aw I kinda felt bad for Door 1!Nellie here. She talks about she’s actually lonely and doesn’t have any friends). Even though Morgana originally agreed in order to meet Giselle’s requirement, she never truly had a female friend either, so she doesn’t think it’s too bad.

Door 2


  • Then, WHG!Morgana is suddently transported to Door 2 because Giselle said she was able to make one friend! LOL Morgana ain’t happy. But she can’t leave this door unless she makes another friend.
  • We see Pauline and Javi (I MISSED YOU JAVI!!), with Pauline telling him that she wants to be his first friend. Morgana slides in randomly and says she’ll be his second… surprising the two. Morgana explains her predicament about not being able to leave unless she makes a friend, Pauline is easily persuaded and is like “Ok we’re friends!” While Javi is like “UH HELLO?? No matter how you think about it, it’s suspicious!”
  • Since Morgana has to be friends through actions too, she offers to help Pauline. When Pauline starts to explain how she’s looking for her lover, Morgana just drops the truth saying that her lover’s the bestia. Morgana tells her to just forget about the guy. But Pauline being Pauline says she wants to go to him anyway. And Javi being Javi, trudges behind her.
  • WHG and Javi stop Pauline from further chasing Yukimasa inside where she would have met her inevitable fate of being murdered by him. But then Morgana proposes a plan – to prepare a collar (since he wants to be tethered to someone anyway). This fires up Pauline who proclaims that she will become the world’s best breeder LOL
  • Morgana proposes she’ll distract Yukimasa with her voice, giving Pauline the opportunity to put the collar on him.
  • Javi leaves cause he’s so done with this nonsense HAHA. We see Pauline just giddily treating Yukimasa as a dog (like aw are you hungry?, etc) and saying she was happy to have become a friends with Morgana.

Door 3

  • Morgana is then transported to Door 3. We come across the same scene in the original game, with a maid being mean and “bumping” into Morgana. But this time, Morgana fights back, calling her rude and disrespectful (YASSS)
  • Then Morgana meets Maria first (because she doesn’t want to meet “that man” yet coughs Jacopo). Morgana is upfront about Maria’s true identity and plans. Maria’s shook, but then Morgana proposes a plan. Because after all, Jacopo is the only one Maria hates.
  • Morgana calls for Jacopo to meet her at the shed. Jacopo’s his usual dumb self saying “Why’d you call me over to this place? Ahh I’m a very busy man! So busy!” Morgana tells him to come over to her so she can tell him something. Now it’s Jacopo’s turn to be shook and he’s like, “Wait, did you just say something amazing right now…?
  • When he comes over, Morgana shouts, “NOW MARIA!!“. And they lock him up in the shed. Maria says her speech of revenge. Morgana tells him that he should have a taste of his own medicine by getting imprisoned himself (as much as I like him, I WAS LIKE YESSS SERVES YOU RIGHT IDIOT JACOPO)
  • Maria and Morgana become “bad friends” and Maria says they should take over the Bearzatti house together. The two girls go out for drinks for celebration. Maria wakes up the next morning with a hangover, thinking it was a dream. On the other hand, Jacopo is still begging for someone to get him out of the shed.


  • Finally, Morgana is whisked away and meets the original WHG. Before WHG goes back to Morgana’s soul, WHG wants to hang out as friends. Along with Giselle, they all go out for a  picnic and eat sweets. Meanwhile, we go back to the start of the original game, and “the soul” is like “Wait what… no one’s here.”
  • The man in the painting and Michel talk, saying until a while ago, there was a witch and maid, but they’re gone now. Michel’s like “I felt that I was called here and I had to meet someone though”
  • Georges is like “That’s me! Aw shucks, I’m so embarrassed. I didn’t notice I was so important to you! Woohoo happy ending! Take me outta here!” Michel’s just so over it saying that he’s going back to the darkness and leaves.


The End~


Aww these two mini-games were cute. I mainly appreciated the little throwbacks to the original main game. I also thought it was neat that Mell had that new sprite with the moustache. WHG’s sprites from all 3 doors looked so different with Morgana inhabiting them too (I loved it). Lastly, seeing Javi again was the cherry on top because I adore that boy and still wish he wasn’t so short-changed in the main game ;;

Note: These mini-games are freeware and can be obtained from Novectacle’s site here:


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