The House in Fata Morgana – Unboxing

1Given my absolute love for The House in Fata Morgana and its developer Novectacle, I decided to splurge and buy pretty much everything I can for the series. Sure, I’m broke now LOL, but honestly, this was worth every penny. How else am I going to show my appreciation for something that stole my heart so completely? Anyways, here’s a breakdown of everything below~

P.S. page 1 is spoiler free and page 2 of the post will contain some spoiler pics

Here are the soundtracks:


The inside of the main soundtracks look like this:


The inside of the fandisk’s soundtrack looks like this (but I won’t be listening to this one until after the fandisk is released – SO. HYPED.)




Light Novels:


Drama CDs:


They each contain two CDs:

I had ordered all three drama CDs, but for some reason, SAL shipping might have lost the package containing the first CD I ordered with all its goodies. I’m rather upset about this as it’s already been 2 months after it was supposedly shipped out and this has never happened to me before. Not only did I lose money, I was really looking forward to receiving it too. Well, I’m still hoping that it’ll at least arrive one day… but it seems unlikely at this point 😦 

Never mind, Morgana came through with her powers LOL and I magically got the first drama CD after 3 months of waiting! Blessssss

Anyways, I’m glad I spent the money and was able to show my support to the devs in my own little way. Thank you Novectacle for creating a masterpiece that has really touched my heart.

P.S: You can find Novectacle’s online shop here

For some spoiler pics to see what the inside the light novels & fanbook are like, please check the next page. ONLY go to the next page if you have completed the game!


8 thoughts on “The House in Fata Morgana – Unboxing

    • Hi there and yeah the CDs in particular are really hard to find because like you said, I don’t think they sell them officially anymore. I was able to get mine via yahoo auctions though (using a proxy). Hope that helps!


    • I highly recommend getting them! And I’m not able to read the light novels so not sure in that regard ;; I mainly got them for the gorgeous illustrations and mini-posters (and to support Novectacle of course!). From what I heard though, the novels follows the main story, but also involve more details alongside different perspectives/points of view from other characters.

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  1. They’re beautiful!
    Can I ask if you ended up spending a lot for shipping? Did you have to pay custom duties? I’m really interested in buying these items too!


    • Aww! And well it really depends on where you live, as each country has their own different custom duties and shipping policies. I live in Canada, so shipping was rather high to get all these items here. While each item is not heavy individually, together they are. It also depends on the shipping method that you choose. I did receive everything, except one package containing the first drama CD (which I’ll forever be upset about). I’ve ordered a ton of stuff from Japan, and this is the first time I’ve lost anything though. So don’t stress!

      If you’re worried about custom duties, definitely give your local post office a call 🙂 However, it’s well worth it and I definitely recommend you getting them!


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